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BRIDGE Partners with the Inspiritus’ Healthy Gardens Program!

BRIDGE to Success is partnering with Inspiritus! Inspiritus enrichment programs teach and empower children and families, providing opportunities for

enrichment and growth for individuals while strengthening communities.

Inspiritus’ Healthy Gardens communities with the knowledge and tools they need to grow their own garden. Through Healthy Gardens, families and individuals have easy and free access to fruits and vegetables to supplement their meals as well as a healthy outlet for relieving stress and staying active. Gardeners often experience immense satisfaction and empowerment through growing their own food right outside their door.

Take advantage of this Gardening Initiative. If you are selected, you must agree to the following:

  1. Inspiritus will provide the following garden materials for the initial set-up: garden kit, soil, plants, seeds, watering can, gloves, digging tools, and garden booklet.

  2. For two years, Inspiritus will offer seeds and plants for your garden. You are welcome to purchase your own seeds and plants at any time, especially if they are not available through the program.

  3. You will be responsible for planting, watering, weeding, maintaining a neat appearance in and around your garden and harvesting the produce in a timely manner. This is at least a two-year commitment as the first year is a learning year. If you fail to maintain your garden and it becomes unkempt, apartment management and Inspiritus retains the right to remove the garden. You must devote regular time caring for your garden.

  4. If you move your place of residence, you must inform Inspiritus and work out a plan for either moving your garden or relinquishing your garden back to Inspiritus.

  5. Inspiritus offers yearly meetings to order plants, learn new growing techniques, and ask questions of a professional gardener. You will be required to report an estimate of produce grown each year at the end of the growing season and complete a survey to help make it possible for Inspiritus to continue this program for others in the future.

Contact your Family Champion/Career Counselor for more information.

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